By psevdokabminu separatists included people close to the "regionals"

2014-05-16 05:32 PM
By psevdokabminu separatists included people close to the "regionals" In the self-proclaimed DNR separatists have agreed among themselves to positions in his cabinet, which included systematic Donetsk functionaries.


Department of Public Relations led Helen Bloch, who is the assistant secretary of the Donetsk City Council Sergei Bogachova, editor of the official newspaper of the City Council. It first became richer intimidate the inhabitants of Donetsk region, which they were allegedly going to capture sector’’ Right’‘.

In Audit Office in the DNR put Igor Belik, who heads the Control and Audit Department in Donetsk.

First Deputy Prime psevdouryadu - Andrew Purhin, who previously led the separatist organization that was banned by the court for extremism.

Pseudo-Deputy Prime Minister for Economy - Alexander Semenov. He and the Head of the Department of accomplishment and public service of the Donetsk city council Constantine Savinov since 2010 and owns companies Laythrup Landorra. Laythrup collected from 2010 contracts to 5.03 million UAH.

Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy - Kalyuskyy Alexander, “The Ministry” economic development - Vladimir V. Podgorny.

“Ministry” Fuel and Energy - Granovsky Alexei Ivanovich - Chief of Staff of the City of the Party of Regions, who coordinated the “titushek” during the Square in Donetsk, and drove them in Mariinsky Park in Kyiv.

‘’ Ministry of Finance’’ - Matyushchenko Ekaterina,’‘’’ The Ministry of Taxes and Levies - Peter A. Savchenko,’‘’’ Minbudivnytstva and Architecture - Jablonski Peter Ivanovich.

” Ministry of “Information and Communications headed male pigs Alexander V., who became famous in Ukraine because of what he called a journalist” incomprehensible chmom “and gestured how to hit her head on the floor.

‘’ Ministry of Transport” led Sidelnikov Alexander V.,’‘’’ Ministry of Communications - Hardykov Nicholas,’‘’’ The Ministry of Coal Industry - Ivakin Igor,’‘’’ The Ministry of Health - Scherbakov Konstantin Sergeyevich,’‘’’ The Ministry of Culture - Natalia Voronina.

‘’‘’ Ministry of Sport and Tourism - Michael V. Mishin, who previously served as Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Physical Education and Sport Makeyevka City Council.

‘’‘’ Ministry of Agriculture agriculture and food - Synyahovskyy Yuri,’’ Department’’ Utilities - Rozsadnikov Valery Yakovlevich,’’ Attorney General’’ - Grynyuk Dmitry Mikhailovich, who earlier in 2012 held the position of. about. Attorney Kirov district of Donetsk.

‘’‘’ Military Commandant Donetsk - Zaharchenko Alexander,’’ Ministry of Justice’’ - Vyacheslav V. Pisarenko,’’ Department of Defense’’ - Igor Strelkov, or rather Igor Hirkin who is a citizen of.

‘’‘’ Ministry of Interior - Oleg Kovalchuk, who was previously head of Lugansk City Police Department Ukraine in Luhansk region.

Head’’ security’’ - Khodakovsky Alexander, perhaps it’s head “Patriotic Forces of Donbass”, the former commander of the special forces “Alpha”.

‘’‘’ Ministry of Labour and Social Policy - Lyagina Roman V., separatist, who worked the count to psevdoreferendumi.

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