Terrorists in the Donbas block okruzhkomy

2014-05-17 08:16 AM
In the Donetsk region recorded facts of interference in the work of election commissions created for the presidential election by members of the NPT.

As the press service of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, the work of precinct election commissions tear in Tores, Kirov and Amvrosiyevskom areas.

“in Kirov through the situation, refused to work as a whole several district commissions. Tores in by the “People’s Republic of Donetsk” sealed the premises of the district election commission and put it at the guard’’ - said in a statement.

addition Amvrosiyevskomu in the area of ​​election commissioners receive threats by telephone.

‘’ stations located in the central district library was visited by representatives of the DNR and require voter lists, “- noted in OSA.

Also, according to RSA, the representatives of the NPT continue to” do pressure on local authorities to try and control the activities uniformed region “: the Volnovask district police station they visited and met with the head of department withdrew Ukraine flag, replacing it with her and left the building.

Besides representatives of the DNR established new checkpoints in the center of Donetsk on Prospekt Mira - concrete blocks.

“watch are armed men. Movement is a detour, “- noted in OSA.

As it known,” Speaker of the NPT “Denis Pushylin said that’’ vote May 25 in the region will be.’’

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