Pshonka and his son have Russian citizenship

2014-06-13 06:08 PM
Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka a citizen of Russia.

This follows from the documents of the European Court in Luxembourg. Pshonka pozyvayetsya against the EU, requiring him to remove the sanctions, said “Deutsche Welle”.

Victor Pshonka and his son Artem May 30 filed a lawsuit in the European Court in Luxembourg with a demand to cancel the sanctions imposed against them by the Council of the European Union in early March.

former Attorney General, who is hiding in Russia with Viktor Yanukovych and others close to the former president of the Ukrainian investigation entities do not want to accept the fact that their accounts frozen in the EU.

a data base of the European Court, which contains information on all admitted to the proceedings made, in particular, data on the nationality of the plaintiffs. In the files of Victor and Artem Pshonok in the “nationality” is listed: Russia.

Instead, Yanukovych and his sons, and the father and son Azarov also in court seeking the removal of these sanctions listed Ukrainian citizenship .

According approved in April, the Russian law on simplified granting citizenship to Russian speakers to provide a passport or Russia want to live in Russia for five years or so that Russia was the place of residence of the parents.

If the former Ukrainian Prosecutor General is not subject to this law, it could grant citizenship by decree, Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, the decree in a database of legislation there. It is possible that Victor and Artem Pshonka have long had Russian passports.

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