They began to know the names of all who died in the downed IL-76

2014-06-14 06:48 PM
They began to know the names of all Ukrainian soldiers and crew members of military transport aircraft IL-76, which on the night of June 14 was shot down by terrorists over the Lugansk airport.

Reported by TSN.

crew of the aircraft (Kiev):

Alexander White (born 1976), the crew commander, Guards Colonel

Diakov Michael (born in 1968), head of the air-fire tactical training, Guard Major

Games Skachkov (born in 1977), navigator Squadron, Guard Captain

Sergei Telegin (born in 1971), head of the technical and operational services Squadron, Guard Captain

Vladimir Burkavtsov (1976 born), board aircraft, Guard Lt.

Kozoliy Alexander (1984 born), senior board aircraft, Guard Lt.

Oleg Pavlenko (born in 1971), senior technician Guard Lt.

Alexander Kowalyk (1972 born), senior air gunner, Guard ensign

Mentus Victor (1982), a senior air operator, Guard ensign


Sergey Shumakov senior gunner, Sergeant

Vitaly Bondarenko, hranatometnyk soldier

Yuri Kovalchuk, combat vehicle commander, sergeant

Denis Kamenev, assistant gunner hranatometnyka senior soldier

Valery Altunin, the platoon commander, senior leytenat

Paul Levchuk, shooter-antiaircrafter soldier Pavel Kosnar, squad commander, junior sergeant

Sergey Dobropas, shooter-antiaircrafter Senior Taras Malyshenko soldier, archer-antiaircrafter soldier

Anatoly Gorda, senior driver, senior soldier

Ruslan Kulibaba, tanker driver, Sergeant

Anton Samokhin, mechanic, millwright, senior soldier

Andriy Shulga, soldier

Andrew Dmitrenco soldier

Art Skalozub senior gunner, senior Soldier

Art Sanzharovets senior soldier

Sergei Miroshnichenko, senior gunner, senior soldier

Eugene Reznikov, gun commander, sergeant

Constantine Avdeev, senior gunner, senior soldier

Sergey Lisnoy, a driver, a soldier

Oleg Korenchenko soldier

Sergei Moskalenko, soldier

Ilya Hayduk, soldier

Valery hornbeam, Battery Commander, Lieutenant

Sergey Manulov technician, Senior Warrant Officer

Alexander Kotov, shooter-antiaircrafter soldier

Sergey Shostak, shooter-antiaircrafter senior soldier

Anton Kuznetsov, shooter-antiaircrafter senior soldier

Sergey Curly, commander of the department, junior sergeant

Alexander Avramenko, shooter-antiaircrafter soldier

Stanislav Dubyaha, shooter-antiaircrafter soldier

Pavel Nikonov, shooter-antiaircrafter soldier

Vladislav Kiva, driver-driver fueling machine, junior sergeant


Vitaly Baban, squad commander, sergeant


Sergey Kryvosheyev, driver, soldier

Rostislav Pronkov soldier


Games Tokarenko, a driver, a soldier


Sergei Goncharenko, Commander Cannon, junior sergeant


Oleg Lefintsev driver tanker, a senior soldier


Vitaly Bahur, Battery Commander instructor with DMA, Lieutenant

As you know, on the night of June 14, terrorists shot down military transport aircraft of the Air Force of Ukraine of IL-76. According to the Defense Ministry, the aircraft carrying personnel for rotation in addition to military personnel on board were machinery, equipment and food.

The position terrorists near Luhansk airport, which presumably was impressed IL-76 ATO forces, , were found three launchers tube 9P39-1 MANPADS 9K38 “Yhla”.

Two MANPADS “Yhla” used one - technically defective (9M39 missile was left in the tube).

also in place of ambush terrorists found empty cans of canned goods issued by “Orelprodukt” h.Mtsensk (Russia).

Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal proceedings under Part 3 tbsp. 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (the terrorist act that resulted in death and causing significant property damage).

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