Ukrainian delegation flies to Europe for talks on the reverse gas

2014-06-16 04:24 PM
On Tuesday evening, Ukrainian delegation will leave Europe for talks on gas supplies to European companies.

This was stated by Chairman of the Board “Naftogaz Ukraine” Andrew Kobolyev, the press service of the government.

“Ukraine is offering cheaper gas, cheaper than even $ 350, 320 dollars. It European companies that own gas resources and are willing to put in the Ukraine. currently probably the time to do it, “- said Andrey Kobolyev.

He said that it is better not to call “reverse” and “gas supplies from Europe.” There are many companies that are willing to do so. Currently, “Naftogaz” is already working with two companies - nimetskoyuRWE and French “Gaz de France”. There are “deals and other, similar in size, weight and transparency of companies”.

“If a German company could buy gas at $ 300, maybe it makes sense to kuplyala German company, kept in storage in Ukraine. Why “Naftogaz” to buy gas for 385 dollars even if others are buying it much cheaper? “- said Kobolyev.

However, the head of” Naftogaz “stressed the need to review the reasonableness of the tariff for transit.

“There are several important components, except the rate is a very important component of the principle of” tranzytuy or pay “, as well as with the purchase of gas,” - said Kobolyev.

“Therefore, in addition to changing the tariff level, it is important to proper implementation of the tariff structure that will allow” UkrTransGas “receive the lion’s share of income no matter how much gas goes through Ukraine. European is normal principle, as we have already raised the issue of “Gazprom” repeatedly, I hope, this time as the matter is settled, “- he added.

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