Council and was appointed Attorney General POROSHENKO

2014-06-19 08:56 AM
Supreme Council endorsed a proposal to the President on the appointment of Poroshenko Vitaly Yarema Attorney General.

voted 329 deputies.

In addition, the Parliament supported the request for release of Jeremy Yatsenuk as deputy prime minister - 331 votes.

Introducing Yarema, President Poroshenko said that if BP will support the candidature of Jeremy, “Today will be black for all Ukrainian crime as organized, and not very much.”

“The Role of the Prosecutor General in the fight against corruption is crucial. commitment we were immediately start fighting corruption ... As a parting and symbolic wish my favorite quote author wonders of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew,” How to fight corruption? Start with what is necessary to put three of his friends. you know exactly what they know for what, and people will believe you, “- said Poroshenko.

He also said that it is extremely important not to delay the adoption of the new Law on the Prosecutor.

“I am ready to take part in the discussion and to adopt a new European law on the prosecutor’s office, we will do together with PGO truly European body” - said Poroshenko.

After voting Yarema thanked for appointment and promised to make efforts so that Ukraine was “calm, peace and harmony to protect people from criminal attacks”.

He also expressed gratitude to Oleg Mahnitskomu, who has been acting Attorney General.

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