Hidden camera in the Interior Ministry recorded a corrupt deal Avakov son

2016-02-12 10:28 AM
Hidden camera in the Interior Ministry recorded a corrupt deal Avakov son The son of Interior Minister Alexander Avakov likely to negotiate with the ex-deputy head of the Interior Ministry, Sergei CEBOTARU to supply backpacks for units of the Ministry.

The corresponding video allegedly secretly filmed December 3, 2014 in the office CEBOTARU, stated in late January on YouTube user with the nickname Sans Corruption (no corruption).

The journalists of “schemes” argue that video can be true, and therefore can serve as proof of the crime in public procurement.

Chebotar to may 2015 the Interior Ministry responsible for public procurement. Covert recording in his office SBU held at the request of the military prosecutor’s office within the proceedings on corruption in the Interior Ministry. Previously, the network got one piece of video & ndash; where Chebotar allegedly discussed the sale at a reduced price of sand that was deposited in the Interior Ministry.

From talking to released now the video is clear that a man like a son Avakov, wants to put a large batch of backpacks in the Interior Ministry and asked prepayment .

The man, who is called Sasha, says that the new (2015) was able to put 100 backpacks. Chebotar agrees that after the New Year Interior Ministry will purchase another 2 000 pieces.

Head of Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov denied the involvement of his family to purchase backpacks.

His son Alexander in a telephone comments “schemes” said that first hears about video CEBOTARU cabinet. But could not recall whether there was in December 2014. “I do not remember. Maybe it was, maybe not, I do not know” - he said.

Asked whether he discussed the supply of bags to the Interior Ministry, Alexander Avakov said: “There is no relationship neither I nor any member of my family to not have. I do not know, honestly, honestly, that do not understand what video you are saying “.

with CEBOTARU called & rsquo; yazatysya” scheme “failed. Earlier he called the video mounted.

Co-founder of StopFake Yuri Panin believes that the new video is similar to previously published and already recognized (the sand), although the record was “a little lower quality”.

According to the portal on public procurement, in February 2015 the MIA bought backpacks at USD 16.5 million.

One of the companies that won the tender, & ndash; Company “Dniprovend” in Dnepropetrovsk. She had put 5,000 units sold.

For address information (Stoletov, 21k) reporters said: “To us in this matter came Tax Inspectorate, they are also looking for it ... we officially responded Tax that February 2015 lease terminated, debts all settled this company, and it is not “.

The owner of this firm Constantine Kubetsya also find failed: neighbors say his address long live other people.

at the time of winning the tender to manufacture backpacks in the MIA for almost a year long investigation of “Dniprovend” as the conversion center. However, this did not prevent officials of the Ministry to transfer her bags for USD 14.5 million.

“Plans” suggested that the company could use as a grounded tender winner.

The case of purchasing backpacks for needs ATO referred to the military prosecutor’s office.

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