Russia launched a massive deployment of troops. OSCE informed

2014-06-22 09:56 AM
The Russian Federation informed the partner countries in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to conduct a comprehensive inspection of sudden troops of the Central Military District Command and the Airborne Troops and military transport aircraft.

This was reported in the Press and Information Service of the Ministry of Defense - Interfax.

“The purpose of under the supervision of the General Staff of the Russian Federation sudden inspection is to assess the ability of the troops to action in dealing with crisis situations that make military threat to national security, including anti-terrorist nature, “- stressed the Office.

in the Defense Ministry also said that the troops have already begun large-scale redeployment dopryznachenyh regions - ITAR-TASS.

tank and anti-aircraft missile connection TSVO finish loading on railway platforms and soon will go to areas of destination.

number of formations and units, the county embarked on the march his way to landfills Yurginskij, Chebarkulskyy and Totskoye.

Departments Ivanovo Airborne, Ulyanovsk landing assault connections and a single Regiment Airborne troops quickly moved to airfields and are ready for tipping and dropping to the designated areas.

“in transporting troops involved over 40 Antonov An-124” Ruslan “, Il-76, An-22, An-26 military transport aircraft from Tver, Pskov, Orenburg Taganrog and air bases VTA that only today will carry more than 50 aircraft sorties for rapid delivery of troops and military equipment in areas of assignment “- According to the Ministry of Defence.

” The main objective of the first phase of the test is to assess the readiness of action commanders and staffs at bringing in higher degree of readiness and areas of concentration in the nomination “- told in the military.

As you know, on the order of Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 21, 2014 conducted a comprehensive inspection sudden alert troops of the Central Military District.

As part of the inspection will be carried out training on 2nd and 41 armies of the Central Military District and connections Airborne Troops in landfills in Samara, Kemerovo and Chelyabinsk regions.

Up check drawn about 65 thousand soldiers of all species and genera of the Armed Forces and military command, involved more than 180 aircraft, 60 helicopters, more than 5.5 thousand of weapons and military equipment.

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