During Lavra - Supporters' russkoho world. " Call for an armed uprising

2014-06-22 12:24 PM
During Lavra - Supporters' russkoho world. " Call for an armed uprising In Kiev in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra gathered supporters "Russkogo world" who are planning to hold a procession.

about it on his Facebook page said Deputy Commander of Communications spetsbatalyona “Azov” Games Mosiychuk.

He later said: “The situation is worse. Vatniky escape from the monastery. Came column Ukrainian patriots. Kyiv Patriarchate lashtuyetsya prayer and begin to get under way in the Church of All Saints”.

before about 12:00 on June 22 hundreds of young people under Ukrainian flags and banners “Legal sector” went from the metro station picketed Arsenal Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, which, according to them, was planned action to create ” Kievan People’s Republic “, UNIAN reports.

As one participant moves Alexander Rudomanov young people moved to the monastery with the slogan” Glory to Ukraine - Glory to Heroes - Death of the enemy “, and with the singing of the famous football fans chants of the President Vladimir Putin.

“We at the Lavra, where the boys came separatyskoho prevent the march. Militia promised to prevent separatist march” - Rudomanov said.

So activists who arrived at the Monastery of the Ukrainian flag, back towards the Park of Glory and Arsenal. During the march, activists smashed glass in the bank “Sberbank of Russia” that on the street. January uprising, partially disassembled the pavement outside.

Bolshuyu part mylytsyy and BB otvodyat from Lavra back into avtobusы pic.twitter.com/VJItBb4C5f

on the territory of Lavra pic.twitter.com/dirP5XYnCI

Territory Lavra. Mylytsyya: “We do not vыpustym’s” pic.twitter.com/iUtm8xSZia

“Brothers and sёstrы 12 times bypasses the Assumption Cathedral, sweat reshym How probratsya in Park Glory” ... Luchshe 120 of course ... pic.twitter.com/oJDPR08OL0

Mayutsya Potrazhovoras ... If they want to Glory Park, but Íèêòà‘s not vыpustyt. PS all prorossyyskye, Balla shyzofrenykov ... pic.twitter.com/Tz8ejtY3Zn

as of 14:00 abundance of ultra returned to the monastery.

All povtoryaetsya. Ultras podhodyat k laurel, mylytsyya blokyruet inputs, dibs on the territory of Hope walk in kiev pic.twitter.com/E4h1V8h0Bj

Representative agent patryotov poshёl on the territory of Lavra, ubedytsya something there No koloradov

Kyisvkyi patriarchy and patryotы vыstroylys before and mylytsyey If they want to get on territory of Lavra pic.twitter.com/ZewPg2wleO

Mylytsyya and Moscow patriarchy not puskayut Kyisvkyi of the territory Lavra pic.twitter.com/A5GifsQoa3

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