Kharkov out Antymaydan. Yevromaydan waiting

2014-06-22 01:08 PM
Kharkov out Antymaydan. Yevromaydan waiting In Kharkov, June 22 supporters Yevromaydanu and antymaydanivtsi hold their shares.

Both events are scheduled for the afternoon and will be in the downtown area.

Antymaydanivtsi under the slogan “Kharkiv against fascist junta. feat grandfather will not forget!” hold a meeting-requiem on the 73 th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War.

At 15:00 activists started walking, go to “Mirror stream” on the street Sumy to Liberty Square.

Like communicate in social networks during action Antymaydan expected provocation. In the central part of the city - buses with police and paddy. The action takes place under the banner of “All-Ukrainian Union of mothers’ for the future of children in Ukraine”.

Vo Vremya sehodnyashney shares # harkov’skyh separatystov vozmozhnы provokatsyy vozle admin. put # Kharkiv / buIiLAFUKy

Razvernut First flag, sudebnыy Artist zachytыvaet Notifications of illegality shares kharkov # # pryamoseychas / XqIkCotOAO

NOW neighborhood of 400 prorossyyskyh activists provodjat myrnыy mytynh. Intimation to capture deposited there. # # Kharkov pryamoseychas

In turn, supporters Yevromaydanu begin their campaign at 18:00. According to one of the coordinators of the Kharkiv Yevromaydanu Dmitry Piliptsa, Popular Assembly Yevromaydanu traditionally held at the Shevchenko monument in the street Sumy.

Council shall be held with the requirement to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine, will also be expressed demand ban “gatherings separatists in the center Kharkiv “and discuss the investigation of the criminal case initiated against the mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes.

After the People’s Chamber announced yevromaydanivtsi go walking downtown.

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