FSB in Crimea 6:00 interrogated Polish journalist detained Ukrainian

2014-05-17 07:24 PM
FSB in Crimea 6:00 interrogated Polish journalist detained Ukrainian In Crimea, the Russian FSB arrested, taken to the local government and 6:00 clarifying identity and purpose of his visit to the Crimea own correspondent "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Moscow Vaclav Radzyvynovycha.

As Krym.Realii, reported himself Radzyvynovych.

He said the group FSB “suddenly descended’’ when he Simferopol cafe” Sofa “talked to Ukrainian journalists - correspondent Kiev newspaper “Day” in the Crimea and Crimean Nicholas Semen photographers Lenyaroyu Abibulayevoyu.

According Radzyvynovycha, FSB accused Polish journalist that “it is not the one they say they are,” though he represented ’ showed all the documents, and that he was “illegally crossed the border of the Russian Federation.” Then FSBshnyky required to go with them to the FSB in the “Republic of Crimea”.

Thus FSB journalist was not allowed to make a phone call to the editor, the Embassy of Poland in Moscow, the Foreign Ministry or any of colleagues.

in the management of the journalists were “survey on the circumstances of the incident’‘.

According Radzyvynovycha in FSB there were no legal grounds to bring him to the suspicion of “illegal border crossing” or find out a person and make 6:00 minutes of “interrogation”.

Nicholas Seeds and Lenyara Abibulayeva after hours communication with FSB released, declined to comment.

However, the Ukrainian journalist Katherine truth Syerhatskova reported that on 16 May officers in plainclothes arrested FSB website shares pro-Ukrainian Alexander Kolchenko.

‘’ What he is accused is still unknown. We know that he is under arrest and soon it will be sent as a filmmaker Oleg Sentsov in Moscow. We know that Sasha - a guy with a poor working family, and his friends are worried about what he will not be able to provide normal maintenance and hire a good lawyer in Moscow’’ - said Syerhatskova.

She also reported more one detainee in the Crimea:’’ Gene Afanasyev, a young man, actor’‘.

As you know, May 11, the FSB arrested in Crimea Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov which accused of organizing terrorist attacks. He planned dopravyty to Moscow for further investigation.

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