The walls of the AP - rally. Demand from Poroshenko cancel truce

2014-06-29 08:49 AM
The walls of the AP - rally. Demand from Poroshenko cancel truce At the Presidential Administration gathered hundreds of people protesting against the announcement of truce on the Eastern Ukraine.

battalion commander “Donbass”, which encouraged people to get out of the walls of the Authority asked the participants to behave in a civilized way - do not throw, do not hit and do not be like “Muscovites”.

Simon Semenchenko also asked those put Balaklava, remove them. Exception made except to Donetsk.

“Understand that they have family there, and this lever for terrorists” - said Semenchenko.

Another representative Battalion “Donbass” read appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on behalf of the Ukrainian, which sets out the requirements for a truce to stop, put in Ukraine martial law, to provide the necessary military weapons to kill terrorists demand that the EU and the U.S. to enter Stage 3 sanctions against Russia.

Later Semenchenko added another demand - remove from negotiations Medvedchuk Shufrych and “other conspirators”. “If the president and the people will work together, support it, and the whole shval go back in time,” - said the battalion commander.

Speaking of negotiators, the first deputy head of presidential administration Gennady Zubco told the audience that by the official representative of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma was just.

As for Victor Medvedchuk and Nestor Shufrych, they are, in his words, “the intermediaries who have assumed the function of negotiation”.

The protesters gave their demands teeth and went to the council at Maidan.

As you know, June 27, President Poroshenko decided to extend the “truce” for another 72 hours.

Despite a truce, terrorists continue to fire position ATO forces under Slovyansk.

June 27 in Donetsk was held the second round of consultations so-called tripartite group to resolve the situation in the Donbas.

Nac consultation was attended by militants with “FSC” and “NPT” Medvedchuk, MP Nestor Nestor, former president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

The ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov said that Medvedchuk and Nestor Nestor took part in the meeting of the Trilateral contact on behalf of the president of Ukraine Poroshenko.

Instead Tuesday Representative Information Center at the National Security Council Vladimir Chepovoy briefing said that MP Nestor Nestor and leader of the “Ukrainian choice” Medvedchuk not authorized to represent the Ukrainian side in tripartite negotiations in Donetsk.

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