MOD: security forces recaptured the terrorists' s "City" and "Shmel"

2014-06-30 07:49 AM
MOD: security forces recaptured the terrorists' s "City" and "Shmel" Ukrainian military recaptured terrorists seized an arsenal of weapons and fighters in the BM-21 "Grad" RPO-A "Shmel" automatic sniper rifles and the latest versions that are used in the army of the Russian Federation.

According to the Defense Ministry, told Deputy Chief of Armed Forces command center, Colonel Yuri Mykolenko.

He noted that the east is fixed a lot of cases, removal of the militants of armament and military equipment who are of foreign origin that have not been accounted and are not used to this on the territory of Ukraine.

According Mykolenko, based on a preliminary analysis of these samples of weapons and equipment, most likely we can speak of the Russian Federation as the country of origin of the seized machinery and weapons.

“The clearest indication of this is the last occasion when June 27 was blocked, and then captured tank that terrorists used during the attack on the Ukrainian military unit in Artemovsk. were registered in the Armed Forces of Ukraine now T-64BV was not and is not “- said Mykolenko.

According to him, it is possible to argue that a combat unit until recently was on the list 205th Infantry Brigade, which is stationed in the Russian city Budenovskiy.

“These are the tank enclosure ID numbers of its units and batteries manufactured at one of the businesses in St. Petersburg” - said Mykolenko.

He words, and similar conclusions are drawn for the rest of the captured terrorists weapons, including militants seized from the BM-21 “Grad” RPO-A “Shmel” sniper rifle makers and the latest versions that are used in the army of the Russian Federation.

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