"Homeland" and "Freedom" will make alternative Constitution Poroshenko

2014-07-03 10:56 AM
Fraction of "Homeland" will make alternate bill of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, the fraction of "Freedom" also did not vote for the president's bill.

This Serhiy Vlasenko said Oleg Tyagnibok during discussion of the bill in Parliament, noting that their faction may support inclusion in the draft agenda as amended Peter Poroshenko.

Vlasenko said that the draft amendments to the Constitution introduced in Parliament only July 3 - faction and “Homeland” considered it, decided to vote for making it to the agenda, but no support.

“We, unfortunately, did not see it either issues associated with the removal of parliamentary, judicial and presidential immunity, reducing mica Parliament, other issues that are so requires Ukrainian people, “- said Vlasenko.

” In addition to the issues of decentralization, we saw a increase in the president’s powers, not only in the matter of appointments Chairman of the Antimonopoly Committee heads and heads the National Commissions, we saw an increase in the influence of the president’s powers to local authorities, “- he said.

Vlasenko said:” Previously head of administration could dismiss two thirds of the Parliament, it Now it’s impossible. Representative This President has the authority to control the legality entrusted to him in the territory, as well as the coordination of the central executive authorities there “.

” What is the relationship it has to decentralization - we do not understand. We did not understand on what basis of Article 142, which concerned the powers of local authorities released from the Constitution, but instead these powers will be established by law “- he said.

” We have not seen wide public discussion of the Constitution. Therefore faction “Rodina” insists that after the inclusion of the project in the agenda to begin a broad public discussion of the project ... no promotional stamps and no substitution of concepts ... “- said Vlasenko.

He agreed that” decentralization - the issue of war and peace “.

” So faction “Homeland” will make an alternative bill that would address only the issues of decentralization and issues related to law on prosecutors and prosecution status. From this, we consider solving the crisis, “- said Vlasenko.

Tyagnibok also said he did not need to” hurry “to make changes to the Constitution,” even under the pressure of external circumstances “.

He said that no proposal “Freedom” was not included in the draft Constitution. particular, included: the question of the election of deputies to the Verkhovna Rada by proportional representation, with open lists, canceling immunity, the president and judges, and the procedure recall of judges; reduction of the Parliament of 300 deputies, elected local judicial community, banning Nazi and Communist ideology.

“Instead, we have serious doubt several articles on the imperative mandate, procedures Opportunities” stewing “in Parliament and most of us stop 143 Article: village, town, city, district, regional councils can ... provide within the relevant local government area of ​​the special status of the Russian language and other minority languages. This item actually undermines article 10 of the Constitution ... “- said Tyagnibok.

” Freedom can vote for inclusion in the agenda, just to get the opportunity to alternate your bill. But in strictly follows we will not vote on referral to the Constitutional Court, “- he added.

Before that UDAR spokeswoman Irina Gerashchenko said that her political force supporting the presidential draft amendments to the Constitution, and if the parliament is question, you should vote in order to send the bill to the Constitutional Court.

A leader of the Communist Party Peter Simonenko said his faction would not support such a change to the Constitution, and that, among other things, eliminated while local administration, And there is a whole chain of Representatives President.

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