Separatists DNR Putin reassured us and threw

2014-07-05 01:07 PM
The so-called head of the "Supreme Soviet" self-proclaimed "People's Republic of Donetsk" Denis Pushylin apologized to residents Slovyansk.

He wrote on his Twitter.

“What can I say. encouraged us. encouraged and cast. Putin’s words were beautiful on the protection of the Russian people, the defense ship. But only the words,” - sorry Pushilin.

What to say. We obnadezhyly. Obnadezhyly and brosyly. Beautiful words b—čly Putin at zaschyte russkoho people, zaschyte Novorossyy. But Only words.

In addition, he apologized to the residents of Slovyansk.

“Sorry Slovyansk inhabitants that they could not protect you ... We fought in every way. Sorry, if you can forgive ... “.

sorry, inhabitants of Slovyansk, that you do not smohly SECURITY ... We fought everybody forces. Sorry, If Smozhe forgive ...

“Slovyansk passed ...” - said a separatist.

According to him, currently in “wielded Natshvardiya. Shot peaceful citizens “.

However, it was reported that Vyacheslav Ponomarev left Slovyansk with militants, reports

so-called” popular ex-mayor ‘greeted crew Russian TV channel LifeNews.

Ponomarev says it feels good and plans to continue to fight in the ranks of the separatists.

Formerly “popular action” was removed from the leadership of the city captured and arrested the militants themselves.

As you know, the militants continue their “relocation” in Donetsk and Gorlovka.

This information was confirmed terrorist leader Donetsk Paul Gybarev on your page VKontakte.

According to him, to leave Slovyansk took Igor Strelkov (terrorist “Sagittarius”).

Gybarev writes that thus calculated Adventure “buy time” until the Ukrainian army peredyslokovuye personnel and artillery.

“Kutuzov went out too, and this was the plan. In general, the Russian away just before the decisive battle victorious “- said Gybarev.

As you know, terrorists are massively leaving the captured city of Donetsk Oblast and columns traveling to Donetsk.

night in Slovyansk was fighting terrorists drove by car to the side and the city of Donetsk Kramatorska. At checkpoints around the town remained a small amount of local militants. main administrative buildings of the city mined.

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