Poroshenko: Slovyansk - just the beginning of a turning point in the fight against militants

2014-07-05 05:07 PM
Exemption from Slovyansk terrorist forces of the Armed Forces and Natshvardiyi - just the beginning of a turning point in the fight against militants for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

This was stated by President of Ukraine Poroshenko, the press office of the President.

“Above the city that the militants believed their impregnable fortress, once proudly flies the flag of the State of Ukraine. This is not a complete victory, and no time for fireworks. Slovyansk But cleaning of heavily armed gang of monsters is of great symbolic importance. It - early breakthrough in the fight against militants for the territorial integrity of Ukraine. According return to normal Donbass, as an integral part of our big, strong and European countries, “said Poroshenko.

He also noted that slave” were released hostages, seized a huge quantity of weapons, civilians gathered for a spontaneous rally in support of the Ukrainian military. “

“I have given all the necessary orders to provide humanitarian aid to the residents of Slovyansk and other localities that badly need it now. particular aircraft and convoys of food has gone to Slovyansk. Today the city shall be taken: bread, water, sugar, stew. In addition, I gave orders that started the service to restore electricity and water to ensure normal life in the city. Also, immediately deliver to people with pensions, scholarships, public benefits, “- said the president.

” Start restore infrastructure and tidy school! September 1 children have to go in renovated classrooms. Reaffirms the obligation of States to assist in the restoration of housing destroyed due to terrorist aggression “- said Poroshenko.

” I am very far from euphoric. The situation is very difficult. Terrorists now okopuyutsya in large cities. There is still a lot of testing. My order in place - narrow ring around the terrorists. Continue operation of the release of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, “- said the president.

He zayaivyv that recent events” have confirmed the validity and feasibility of the peace plan, exactly as the correctness of the decision on the temporary ceasefire. “

“It was not supported by the militants, and they are responsible for it and then bear deserved punishment,” - said the head of state.

“However, I was once again tough law enforcement officers charged with the liberation of , towns and villages provide an elegant vyvirenist in operations and maximum protection of the civilian population, “- said Poroshenko.

also president said that he had signed a decree on awarding Ukrainian soldiers who particularly distinguished themselves during the liberation of Slovyansk and other settlements - from the 79th and 95th airborne brigade, 25th and 80th Airborne Brigades, a separate detachment of special purpose.

“Today will be awarded soldier Anatoly Ablasov senior soldier Stephen Dubenetskyy, Major Oleg Apostle, Major Maxim Mirgorodskii, Major Andrei Tkachuk, Major Victor Ivchuk, “- said in a statement.

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