The Interior Ministry destroyed evidence against those who hit Square - TSC

2014-07-07 10:28 AM
The Ministry of Internal Affairs were destroyed evidence of involvement of employees MVD special forces to massacre people in the Square in February.

This is stated in the report of the Temporary investigative parliamentary commission to investigate the shootings of demonstrators in Kiev on February 18-20, which publishes its chairman Gennady Moskal.

As stated in the report, February 22, Moskal asked Arsen Avakov highlight subordinate to protect and seal the Interior Ministry special forces weapons “Falcon”, “Golden Eagle”, arms depots and several departments of Internal troops, especially those which were listed sniper groups subordinate to Colonel Sergei Asavalyuku. Avakov initially agreed, but has not taken steps to preserve arms and related documentation.

“This enabled the commander of Special Forces” Berkut “Sergei Kusyuku and the entire group of employees” Berkut “who took part in the shooting of participants shares in peaceful protest Institute, steal from the premises of Special Forces “Berkut” Research Affairs in Kyiv: 24 AKMS (modernized Kalashnikov assault rifles - Ed.) 7.62 x 39 mm, 1 pump shotgun “FORT” 3 sniper rifles SVD ” FORT-500 “- said in a statement.

have been destroyed: Journal of receiving and issuing of firearms, instructions on fixing weapons for each individual employee” Berkut “, the Card to obtain weapons, bullets and Control Shells of arms “Berkut” illegally stored not in the State Research Forensic Centre Ministry of Interior and the “Golden Eagle”.

“Then Kusyuk and a group of his subordinates to freely leave the territory of Ukraine,” - TSC says.

Head of the State Research Centre Forensic MIA, despite a number of invitations to a meeting of the FAC failed to appear and did not give an explanation.

Commission notes that the request for exemption of the Interior Ministry colonel Kusyuka was filed only on April 24, when he “has worked for the police of the Russian Federation”.

At the Kusyukom of Ukraine left 62 workers of Kiev “Berkut” that could shoot participants Square. Now some of them are working in the police of, the rest of the war on the side of the terrorists in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

“through the criminal-neglect related to the performance of official duties of management MIA all the evidence that had to go basis for a guilty act on the participation of Special Forces “Berkut” (a separate company, which was dressed in a black uniform) irrevocably lost and in fact can not be restored, “- said in a statement.

Prosecutor General’s Office arrested two employees of the company,” with respect to which there is evidence that the February 20 Instytutska street in Kiev they were in the hands of Kalashnikov assault rifles and shot them, but the weapons - Kalashnikovs - No “.

absence of weapons, bullets and casings control prevents ballistic examination opportunities to establish the fact of belonging machines AKMS, which remained in service “Berkut”, the bullets that were removed from the bodies of the dead and wounded from shots from a Kalashnikov rifle.

“The fact that this cavity was in possession of Kalashnikov assault rifles and sniper rifles, confirmed the shooting events of 20 February 2014 on the street. Instytutska all leading TV channels of Ukraine, which provided footage of the Commission “, - said the FAC

” The fact that the General Prosecutor’s Office arrested two employees of “Berkut” was shot at the appointed time and were at the Institute, confirmed, but unfortunately, materialize these facts is impossible because of the loss of all material evidence, “- said in a statement.

The Commission found that security forces in Maidan could not use the service weapon” Berkut “, and weapons from the Department of logistical and resource support MIA or weapons seized and destroyed papers.

According to the FAC, “without identifying Kalashnikov rifles and their application to bind detained by Special Forces” Berkut ” This case has no judicial perspective “.

Commission also there is evidence that the shooting of protesters on Independence Square Instytutska and could be involved in” Golden Eagle “of Sevastopol, which use weapons ordered the deputy head of the Interior Ministry Viktor Ratushnaik but You can check this by investigating only.

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