Lugansk militants preparing the ground for provocation aircraft?

2014-07-07 10:56 AM
Lugansk militants preparing the ground for provocation aircraft? Samopryznachenyy Defense Minister Igor self-proclaimed FSC Carpenter said that the militia will soon own aircraft, the headquarters of ATO do not confirm this information.

Reported by Itar Tass Russian derzhahentsiya.

“One of the Ukrainian aircraft - the Su-25 - had to go to the forced landing and was seized by us. He needs easy repair, and then joins the ranks. FSC in the army finally will own aircraft, “- said Carpenter.

He did not specify exactly where the plane was seized, too, did not say where he planned to fly after repair.

Sources “Ukrainian Truth” at the headquarters of ATO denied the information about the seizure of the aircraft. “Two planes arrived at the airport Lugansk, lowered the goods have been fired, but returned to the place of deployment,” - said the source.

At the same time press officer at ATO Alex Dmytrashkovskyy comments “Ukrainian Truth” denied information about the alleged seizure of aircraft.

“That is not true. To use aircraft, special equipment and special skills. Aircraft - this is not a car. Plus jet fuel, which is very expensive. statements that are made in the NPT and the FSC - is disinformation to discredit the Ukrainian army and show its significance. This information is false, it is 99.9%, “- said Dmytrashkovskyy.

information capture Ukrainian aircraft in the Luhansk region and the region’s governor denies Irina Verigin, who said that just in time for a phone call holds a meeting with leaders of ATO. In comments “Ukrainian Truth” it is not excluded that the militants could use Ukrainian equipment, including aircraft confiscated from Ukraine in Crimea.

“Headquarters ATO denies this information. There are aircraft that sat on the emergency position, but it was in the Dnipropetrovsk region, but not in Lugansk, “- she said.

” All of our planes in us. fighters in our aircraft is not. But in surpassing our Ukrainian technique that was Crimea. overtaken her in the Rostov region in Millerovo. Currently our Ukrainian aircraft are Millerovo “- she said.

” Now fly all they can do for our Ukrainian aircraft. Same with the system and the “City of . “15 pieces that have been captured in the Crimea” - said Verigin.

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