Militants fired ATO with "Castle". Military fighters raised

2014-07-12 07:14 AM
July 12 the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State Border Service of Ukraine suffered shelling of the systems of salvo fire BM-21 "Grad" that practiced by the border of the Russian Federation.

Reported to the State Border Service.

“were fired units that perform tasks within the ATO in areas populated areas Zelenopillya, Dyakove, Biryukov, Izvaryne” - said in a statement.

“artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire. According to the Minister of Defence team raised into the air fighters patrolling the airspace of Ukraine and ready to repel possible attacks,” - noted in the SBS.

According to the press center of the ATO, per night killed 7, injured 33 soldiers.

“Gangs of gunmen continued to fire position cunningly Ukrainian military. 23.40 - 00.10 - by mortar attack on the part of the settlement Hothouse toward the area of ​​the settlement Metalist. Assault reflected losses there. 3.30-3.45 - firing checkpoint on the part Rubezhnoye. repelled attack, no loss of 4.40-5.10 - mortar attack in the vicinity of the settlement Kryakovka. Losses no “- stated in the notice .

During stripping with. Siversk on bomb exploded inside one soldier troops, he provided emergency medical care.

“00.45-02.00 by firing position with the BM-21” Grad “. According to preliminary reports, the fire was from the boundary of: checkpoint in area Krasnodon - wounded 10 soldiers. roadblocks settlement Bottom Derevechko - killed 1, injured 3. Near town Ďakovo - wounded 10 “, - the press-center of ATO.

addition to of about 1.20-1.35 by firing mortars Engineering crossings in the area s.Kozhevnya, 1.30-1.35 - firing of mortars checkpoint Ďakovo. 1 killed, 4 wounded 4.15-5.00 - firing checkpoint settlement Dubrivka. No casualties “, said the ATO.

As you know, on the eve of the National Security Council spokesman Information Center Andrew Lysenko said that near the village Zelenopillya in the Luhansk region on Friday morning from the state border with Russia firing was conducted forces antiterrorist operation of multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”.

on July 11 fire fighters from the “city” near the Rovenok (between Rovenky and Zelenopillyam - Ed.) in the Luhansk region killed 19 soldiers. , also the last day killed two soldiers and two border guards at the checkpoint Dovzhansky.

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