The EU announced sanctions against separatists personal Donbass

2014-07-12 08:28 AM
The European Union announced a personal sanctions on 11 people through their actions to undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

This is stated in the “Official Journal” of the EU, which is published on Saturday.

Thus, from the date of publication restrictions on entry into the European Union and their possible freezing of assets on its territory become effective.

list, as reported earlier informal diplomats - Russian separatists leaders who apply to the Donbas: most people who call themselves members of the self-proclaimed head or governing bodies (“Government”, “parliament”) separatist groups in Donetsk and Luhansk, and several military leaders of these groups.

The list of EU approved on Friday.

As you know, Canada has introduced sanctions against 14 leaders of the separatists.

previous EU summit on June 27 European Union leaders warned that they can implement stricter sanctions against Russia if it does not domozhetsya of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine cessation of hostilities at some indefinite time closer.

Among EU requirements - Guaranteed bilateral cease-fire under control OSCE return control of Kyiv entire border with Russia and the release of all hostages and begin negotiations on the implementation of the peace plan of President of Ukraine Poroshenko.

Next EU summit scheduled for 16 July; it also consider the issue of sanctions.

European Union and the United States have long threatened the third stage of sanctions against entire sectors of the economy, but from time to time change the terms under which it may enter, and each lay this step.

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