On the Independence applied to the security forces: People come to disperse power

2014-07-13 12:07 PM
On the Independence applied to the security forces: People come to disperse power Square decided to stand further despite recent statements of Attorney General Vitaly Yarema of necessity forced eviction of those who go to fight in vidmovlyatymetsya Natshvardiyi.

It said the captain Square during the seventh public assembly, the theme of which is “Ukraine at the crossroads of strategic challenges,” the Ukrinform.

“Independence is required, it must be true mouthpiece. Khreschatyk be pedestrian. Barricades who are trying to tear down should remain as a memory to future generations know why and warring square “, - he said the council supported these calls.

He said the government interferes Square and and employs provocateurs to the media after the bout shown on the Square.

“In order to create a public opinion that Square - a criminals and looters. And with the public must download, take out and have a country of slaves. Yet We do not allow “- said the captain.

Another captain read out an appeal to the heads of security forces.

” We call on the masters Avakov, Parubiya, Geletey, Yarema, who dared to say that we should disperse Square ... Unless declared martial law, if more governments will avoid commenting military come not square to disperse and break up this government, “- said in a statement.

During the Chamber Activists also said the need of a local church and the speedy ratification of the European Union, - informs Square Press in Facebook.

“square should always be as assembly. Thus, external Square should be changed and let it come to architects and change it “, - said Vyacheslav Polunskyy the scene.

also said that Independence should stand because the barricades remained the only” safe “the evidence against those who killed maydanivtsiv.

” square should stand because it is a force against arbitrary and lawless power, “- said the activists.

Participants also observed a minute of Valeria Novodvorskaya silence.

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