Russian oligarch funded separatists in Crimea Boroday and "Shooter" had worked

2014-05-19 09:00 AM
The leader of the terrorist DNR Andrew Boroday, and "Shooter" Igor Hirkin worked together in the structure of Marshall Capital, owned by Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofyeyevu.

This “Ukrainian Truth” sources said.

This information was confirmed by the Russian journalist Oleg Kashin in his article published

Boroday and “Shooter” his activities in Ukraine started from the Crimea.

said Kashin, with the annexation of the Crimea State party has made the Russian army as a private - people Malofyeyeva oligarch, who during the cleaning of “Rostelecom” has been “successful experience of delicate work in the interests of the Russian state”.

“Maybe it sounds like a joke, but the region, apparently, really annexed Russian military and Malofyeyev oligarch “- says Cashin.

” My Crimean reports Boroday figured among the “Muscovites from the environment Aksenov,” along with others among whom was the famous Igor Strelkov now. Presenting I Beard, a local called it “propaganda minister” in the government of Sergei Aksenov, but he asked to take the title as a joke, “- said in the article.

” to a direct question, is not official, he said Boroday negative, and working within, literally quote, “public-private partnership”.

“organized by Malofyeyeva fundraiser for the Crimea was completely public and non-public with my Crimean companion told me that before introduction to the Crimea “polite people” out of pocket Malofyeyev moved in support of “people’s mayor” Sevastopol Alexey Chaly a million dollars “- he wrote.

” himself Malofyeyeva all my interlocutors described the same - yes, he sincerely and seriously crazy on spirituality, state, military history ... became friends with Alexander Dugin, then ... turned into the brightest representatives of social groups “Orthodox businessmen,” - said in the text.

After Beard’s premier destination DNR fact his work in “Marshall” confirmed “Vedomosti” Constantine himself Malofyeyev.

“Shooter” Igor Hirkin under the auspices of the Russian Orthodox Church and the Kremlin billionaire preparing a special operation with members of the Russian Duma prepared a special operation in Ukraine long before the Crimean psevdoreferenduma, reports TSN.

Month to capture the Crimea January 30, in Simferopol, under the patronage of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill brought from Mount Athos Orthodox shrine - Gifts of the Magi. Safety valuable relics of the Christian world entrusted to protect Igor Hirkinu.

“Hirkin fact, hiding behind this sanctuary, used for rozviddiyalnosti trip in Ukraine, in the Crimea, and held a meeting with the head of the self-proclaimed government Aksenov,” - said operative SBU Vladimir.

found that Hirkin was almost a permanent member of the Orthodox delegation in Ukraine.

Source article and comments

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