Tymoshenko repudiate hints from the FBI in connection with Lazarenko

2014-05-19 01:40 PM
In Homeland argue that the U.S. Supreme Court denied the involvement of Yulia Tymoshenko schemes arrested in the U.S. Lazarenko.

This statement was made back Tymoshenko MP Serhiy Vlasenko, commenting interview FBI investigator Brian Earl Ukrainian Pravda.

“In an interview is not indicated anything new. It expresses a subjective evaluation of events 1996-97 years who have not once zhuvalysya and perezhovuvalysya in Ukrainian media, especially on the eve of various elections, “- said Vlasenko.

In addition, he said, the investigator said an interested person and” he will defend the results made it work “.

” All the facts in the case of the FBI gathered Lazarenko (including the Corporation “EEC”), a clear and unambiguous assessment has given the U.S. Supreme Court. Lazarenko was convicted solely on the episodes air & rsquo , relating to his collaboration with (Peter - ed.) Kirichenko. episodes Other charges were dismissed by the court, “- said Tymoshenko back.

” All episodes about a possible collaboration with Lazarenko corporation “UES” and the company Somolli American Enterprises Judge Jenkins has dismissed May 7, 2004 “- adds Vlasenko.

According to him, the court then found the charges unfounded.

” Court “banned U.S. state (as plaintiff in the case against Lazarenko) use these theories “about the involvement of the corporation” UES “and Somolli Enterprises company to launder money Lazarenko as being not confirmed any fact” - he said.

As you know, Brian Earl, that in 2000s he was a key figure in the investigation of the case of the American Pavlo Lazarenko, in an interview said that the FBI information about the involvement of Tymoshenko business Lazarenko.

“She was a victim of extortion by Lazarenko and while an accomplice of conspiracy Lazarenko. Their scheme provided for business development through corruption, paying bribes to politicians, enjoyment and enrichment, “- he said, emphasizing that we are talking about tens of millions of dollars.

same time Earl finds that the court has not found Tymoshenko guilty of violation of U.S. laws.

“I do not think that Tymoshenko found guilty in the court violated U.S. law. FBI decides who broke the law and who is not. This solves a judge or jury. But what she was doing, discussed in court: it acted as Kirichenko, she paid Lazarenko to her business flourished, “- he said.

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