"Regionals" and communists need to stop the ATO and refuses Turchynov

2014-05-15 05:16 PM
Party of Regions and the Communist Party require the authorities to stop the anti-terrorist operation in the east and negotiate with those who oppose the government in Kiev.

“Regions” Mykola Levchenko said the “round table” in Kyiv on 14 May “failed”, but after the second stage offers such a meeting in Donetsk, Luhansk, or “authorities conducted raids against their own people - and again at night, people died” .

“During the peace talks should not pour blood,” - he said.

Party of Regions requires stopping the anti-terrorist operation which, according to Levchenko, “has become a terrorist”.

According to the “regional”, ATO stalled and “inadequate responds to the problems that have accumulated in the east “.

” We recognize that in the East there are situations that are associated with and looting and banditry - but this power must fight Budgeting, it is destroying bandits and separating them from those who have taken an active stand and shed blood and fight for their rights, “- he said.

” This is a major crime of power, uniting and gangsters, and civilians Protestants, and those who took a proactive stance and fighting for their region in arms “- says Levchenko.

“We demand to stop the anti-terrorist operations and bloodshed. Because it is a war against its own people” - he said.

also “regionals” require “the disbanding of the National Guard, the private Battalion “Dnepr” and the peace talks - suspend the anti-terrorist operation. ”

“to peace talks, we must develop a position, a new version of the Constitution and to offer to society - to the east, millions of people came to a referendum, they are not separatists, they voted against the authorities for their rights - and Today we have to offer them the conditions under which they will live comfortably in this country, “- said Levchenko.

He said that we” must keep Ukraine as our only home “.

“And in these conditions can not work Parliament, hypocrisy. While the bloodshed, the parliament should develop measures to stop this war, not to work and vote here” - said Levchenko.

Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko also said that his party is required to stop the ATO, withdraw and negotiate with those who want to live in Ukraine.

He According to people on Maidan died for that country were law and order, and not a “war” and must satisfy “the requirements and needs” of individuals and west, and east.

Parliament Speaker Acting President Alexander Turchinov said that the termination of ATO only after folding arms militants.

“anti-terrorist operation carried out exactly in order to protect the citizens of Ukraine - against those who kill, rob, kidnap people who are with weapons in the hands of warring against Ukraine, “- he said.

” Do not rule out the adoption of the Declaration Parliament ... which would have made a proposal that the anti-terrorist operation can be stopped when the weapon is drawn, when they released the hostages. We support how to solve the issue peacefully. And those who are willing to cooperate, the dialogue we are having this dialogue “, - assured Turchinov.

” We work on amendments to the Constitution and to expand local government, and on other important issues. Those who are making war against Ukraine will receive an adequate response, we are required to do to protect our country and its citizens, “- he said.

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