Akhmetov: Donbass with DNR out of the way, terrorists will "drive in the neck"

2014-05-21 07:08 AM
Rinat Akhmetov said that members of the self-proclaimed "People's Republic of Donetsk" Donbass terrorizing and its residents "out of the way" of the NPT.

He said in a new video message posted on Wednesday the company “System Capital Management”.

“First of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to all those who took part in the event” Voice of Donbass. “I know yet many would come out, but they were intimidated - assault rifles, machine guns, beat machines - in short, were brutal methods “, - said Akhmetov.

” But I firmly believe that guns and machine guns people do not feed and never build a strong country with a strong economy, decent work and decent wages, “- he said.

” And no matter what, there was a voice of Donbass. hear And even more! “- Ukraine’s richest man assured.

According to him, then we must “fight, fight and fight again” for their happiness, for their present and future.

“I believe that the NPT is cheating people. they deceive the people of Donbas. It - crooks, they took hostage all the Donbass and terrorize him. Who are they? What kind of people? Location undertook these” geniuses “? Who they were yesterday? They have not created any jobs, “- said the Donetsk businessman.

” People of Donbas I have served and will serve. The people of Donbass in my heart forever! And this bunch of rogues who terrorize Donbass - I believe that in the near future they will be persecuted in the neck, “- said Akhmetov.

” If any of you think that they lead us to success, it is - error. This is a big mistake. They lead to the collapse, the poverty, the hunger and the cold. By their actions they protect the Basin, they destroy Donbass “- he said.

” Once again, I want to tell my countrymen: I want my conscience was clear to you. Only time will tell who was right and who is wrong. Who is telling the truth and who lies. Who was wrong and who was in error. We, the Donbass, a DNR out of the way “- said Akhmetov.

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