In the second Gorlivka per month "People mayor"

2014-05-15 07:00 PM
May 14 Gorlivka "chosen" new "people's mayor" - Edward Matyukha, a former first deputy mayor of Eugene Klep until November 2013.

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previous self-proclaimed “mayor” Sapunov Alexander, head of the NGO “Urban procedure”.

Matyukha proclaimed mayor during a rally in front of the walls of the City Council where Sapunov “resigned.” Just over 100 people gathered at the meeting, welcomed the proposal shouting “hurray”.

Secretary rally girl, nazvalasya Victoria, Edward Matyukha documented as “Acting Mayor Gorlovki” unrecognized separatist ” Donetsk People’s Republic “.

so-called” voters “Matyukha promised that” there will develop a cult “and support” stability “.

Tuesday terrorists at gunpoint forced Mayor Eugene Gorlovki Klep write a statement of resignation.

As you know, Tuesday, May 13 Sapunov of Matyukha came to legal Gorlovki Mayor Eugene Klep to the order signed by the self-proclaimed forces DNR Deputy Commander Sergei Zdrylyuka, known operative alias “Abwehr “write a statement of resignation.

current mayor Klep disagreed with requirements. After that, the study included four armed men, and he was forced to write a statement on the resignation of the presence of armed men, and the chief of the legal department.

Then Edward Matyukha met with employees of the executive committee, which called on all to work under the supervision of members of the NPT. According to employees of the executive committee and representatives of DNR searched seals and stamps Gorlovskoy council.

Sapunov and Shevchenko is a member of the “Urban Order”. Sapunov so-called “people’s mayor,” before publicly took off his powers deputy of Donetsk National Republic and responsibility for the Referendum in Gorlivka.

Edward Matyukha was released in November 2013 on their own.

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