In Lugansk region Natshvardiyi and go fight the separatists are injured

2014-05-22 07:40 AM
In Lugansk region already 4:00 there are clashes between soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine and the "Army of the southeast."


head of the department of public relations in the field of Internal Affairs Tatiana Pohukay said the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

She said the fight goes to the cities and Rubezhnoye Lysychansk.

There is information about 4 wounded. According Pohukay, they are taken to hospital.

She also confirmed that during the collision was blown bridge over the river Seversky Donets.

“Now the fighting continues,” - said the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Lysychansk In the morning siren sounds. Lisichanskiy city council urged residents not to panic and to stay home if possible.

headquarters in the so-called “united army of the south-east” reported that Rubezhnoye injured more than 10 people, reports

“In Lysychansk unknown blew up the bridge, and then began to shoot buses and civilians,” - said the representative of staff.

He said that “about dead yet.” “So far nothing is known about the dead and injured in Lysychansk. Yet people throw houses and fleeing south FSC” - he added, “Interfax”.

In addition, the leader of the Popular Front Luhansk Oblast Alexei Chmylenko informed “Interfax “as a result of clashes near the village of Lugansk among the” militia “no victims, injured several Ukrainian security forces.

In addition, according to Chmylenka, Ukrainian security forces convoy of armored vehicles moved towards the city Lysychansk.

“Do not rule out that the enemy will try to take control of as much territory of Lugansk region before the elections, it will use force. done so in order to still at least a few stations to conduct election day” - said Chmylenko.

Defense Ministry of Ukraine said: “One Ukrainian soldier was killed and two injured due to firing by terrorists columns of military equipment is in place and re-deployment action is not conducted, near Rubezhnoye, Luhansk region”.

“In this case, the terrorists resorted to a familiar tactic for them, one of the bridges on the road was blocked by civil war provocateurs, from behind which the terrorists opened fire at the Ukrainian military” - informs the agency.

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