Voices for mayor of Kyiv will count in the "headquarters of the Revolution"

2014-05-16 06:32 AM
Kiev territorial election commission plans to sum up the election of the mayor and city council members in the Kiev city administration.

Said Head of Kyiv City State Administration Volodymyr Bondarenko in the program, “Shuster Live” on Thursday night, according to “Ukrainian News”.

“We will have to carry the territorial election commission in the premises of the City Council (Bessarabskaja 36.) It would be symbolic, “- said Bondarenko.

According to the chairman of the KSCA, now in the building of the Kyiv City State Administration has completed the last repair and preparatory work, including at the 1st floor.

Bondarenko said that while Kyiv ter electoral commission works in Pechersk District State Administration.

elections of Kyiv mayor and Cabinet members will be held on May 25. Kyiv terizbirkom plans to publish election results no later than 30 May (inclusive).

building of the Kyiv City Council and Kyiv City State Administration in the Square activists called “the headquarters of the revolution”.

Meanwhile, Bondarenko also announced the formation of 12 Territorial Defence Battalion Kyiv.

“This is a military unit that will stay in barracks position in one of the units Kyiv” - said Bondarenko.

According to him, for the activity Battalion were involved in 50 pieces of equipment, which is being refurbished, repaired and prepared for work.

Bondarenko said that the staff of the battalion is made up of soldiers and officers who form the officer corps, and involved volunteers who previously served and with training.

He said that the battalion was completed using established charitable foundation, and currently has purchased all the necessary implements for war.

The major objectives of this formation is to protect 5 Kiev bridges and man-made hazardous objects.

“This battalion - our personal urban formation. The head of the battalion is a military commissioner Kyiv and status I, as chairman of the Kyiv city administration, is his commander, “- said Bondarenko.

battalion will be financed from the budget of the Ministry of Defence.

Bondarenko said that since the salary provided for MoD small, they will be doubled at the expense of the capital budget.

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