Companies controlled by Akhmetov, have signed a memorandum of DNR

2014-05-16 06:48 AM
Group companies "Metinvest" major shareholder is Rinat Akhmetov's SCM, signed a so-called "People's Republic of Donetsk" memorandum of order and security.

As the press service of “Metinvest”, he signed May 15 in Mariupol, on the initiative of leaders smelters name and “Steel Works” and City Staff “people’s wives”.

The document - signatures CEOs CMI. Lenin and “AzovStal” Yuriy Zinchenko and Enver Tskitishvili, Mayor Yuri Hotlubeya Acting Chief Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Oleg Morgun, “the leader of the supporters of the NPT” in Mariupol Denis Kuzmenko, as well as representatives of NGOs Mariupol. “The memorandum attached joint initiatives to ensure public safety in Mariupol and Kiev authorities to offer” - said in a statement.

particular, the Kyiv authorities are asked to remove military checkpoints on roads. “Order at the entrances to the city of Mariupol must provide police with the support of people’s Wife” - said in a memorandum, a copy of which lead to “Metinvest”

“We call for the complete elimination of violence and disarmament any which armed groups that emerged in the wake of the protest. DNR leaders, traditional wife, the police provide in Mariupol waiver of any illegal actions (violence, seizure of buildings, use of weapons), “- the document says. Commenting on the signing of the memorandum, CEO of CMI. Lenin, head of the municipal headquarters of the “people’s Wife” Zinchenko said: “We all remember what happened on May 9. Our primary goal - to avoid similar events in the future and return to Mariupol peace and order”.

“We want today to launch new initiatives to ensure order. civilized dialogue between different political forces - is now a guarantee of peace for civilians. This is the most important value,” - he said. According to the director of the plant, “Steel Works” Tskitishvili. “Normal dialogue began and today it continues”.

“By signing a Memorandum of order and security, we send two signals. A - radical citizens. Together we offer them to lay down arms, surrender her law enforcement authorities” - he said.

“second signal we want to address military leaders and government - we have to remove all the checkpoints at the entrances to Mariupol. ensure order on these roads can city police in conjunction with the People’s wife. sure we that these measures will help to finally put lives in Mariupol civilian “- added Tskitishvili.

In turn, the initiator of the” Information opposition “D. TIMCHUK requires law enforcement agencies to give legal assessment of such activity structures controlled by Akhmetov , indicating cooperation with those central government has recognized terrorists.

As you know, Akhmetov previously circulated video message in which noted that “the people’s republic of Donetsk” no one recognizes and Donbass can be happy only in Ukraine.

Despite a memorandum on Thursday night gunmen attacked a checkpoint at the entrance to Mariupol, came under fire and the crew “Channel 5”

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